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Aquanaut Club website.


Aquanaut Club website was created by Innovix Solutions.  This diving club offers daily dives, safari trips and PADI courses in Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt. Aquanaut Club customers are encouraged to use the available tools, services and materials to best effect. Supervisory and diving staff, are familiar with the waters of the Red Sea coastline and have conducted offshore works all over the area. Full list of illustrated dive sites with the interactive map stretches out from south to north and deep to the Red Sea – through dive safari trips.

Electronic guest book is offered for all visitors to acknowledge a visit to a site, physical or web-based, and leave public comment. It is an informal method of dropping off a quick message for all visitors in a form of feedback. The goal of guestbook is to display the kind of visitors the diving club receives, including the part of the world they reside in, and gain feedback from them. This encourage dive masters to assess and improve Aquanaut Club services on regular basis.

PADI dive courses are presented in a detail including duration, perequisites, description, scuba gear, learning material and price. You can book any of the course online and even get a discount coupon. Customised booking engine made it all easy to the client. Appealing and fully featured admin panel made page administrator’s internet life easier. is available in English, German, French, Dutch and Russian languages and features:

* well illustrated dive sites
* photo gallery, including the photo of the week and photo competition
* full price list of PADI diving courses
* diving safaris with schedules
* social media buttons
* customized booking engine
* optimized cross-device custom made layout

  • Aquanaut Club website created by Innovix Solutions features well illustrated dive sites, photo gallery, including the photo of the week and photo competition, full price list of PADI diving courses, diving safaris with schedules, social media buttons, customized booking engine, optimized cross-device custom made layout